The effects of poverty, drug addiction, and homelessness are everywhere – even here at home in Newfoundland and Labrador. But, as these stories show, so is hope. And like all of us, hope needs a place to call home.

By supporting The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope, you give so much more than a mere donation. You give opportunity to the marginalized, warm beds to the homeless, and food to the hungry. You don’t just give help – you give hope.

The Centre of Hope

We all need support. We all need community. We all need a place to call home. The Centre of Hope provides all of these and more, in one state-of-the-art social services facility. Together, we give hope a place to call home.


Since opening its first day school in the province in 1908, The Salvation Army’s locations at 12 and 18 Springdale Street have remained safe havens in the heart of St. John’s. The Harbour Light provided men plagued with addiction the lifeline they desperately needed, while the Catherine Booth House helped lift countless women and their children from unsafe living environments. Whether in the form of spiritual guidance at Haven of Hope Corps or social services at New Hope Community Centre, hope has lived on Springdale Street for over a hundred years. As the province faces a looming opioid crisis and rising unemployment, the need for housing, employment resources and health services is more pressing than ever before. Offering housing units for the homeless, life-saving addictions services and practical job training, the Centre of Hope will respond to this need by offering a veritable lifeline to those of us who will become casualties of an uncertain economy. Slated for construction in 2018, the Centre of Hope will continue The Salvation Army’s century-long legacy of providing support and resources to the most marginalized citizens of St. John’s — at the precise time that it is most needed.


The amenities, programs and services offered at The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope are designed to alleviate the concerns related to housing, sustenance and gainful employment that burden our most vulnerable citizens, while equipping them with the tools they’ll need to make a lasting contribution to society. Among the services offered at the Centre of Hope are:

  • Twenty affordable housing units for homeless or poorly housed individuals aged 30-64, including three units for chronically homeless individuals
  • On-site health care services focusing on creating better health for vulnerable populations including a chiropractor for non-pharmacological pain management, exercise and physical rehabilitation
  • On-site food bank
  • Hot lunches for 70-100 people twice a week
  • Educational programming once a week
  • Building Service Worker and Retail Skills programs
  • On-site social worker to assist in obtaining housing and employment
  • Pre-release program for offenders reintegrating into the community
  • Correctional & Justice Services to victims, witnesses, offenders and family including clothing, toiletries and footwear during incarceration and post-release
  • Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management and Suicide Intervention
  • Community Service Orders


Dear Potential Donor,

To grow up in a Salvation Army home is to live with a strong sense of purpose and responsibility for others, to feel always that there is more to be done and that the time to do so is finite.

As the provincial economy contracts and with the unemployment rate set to reach 20% within four years, the impact on our most vulnerable people will be catastrophic. That is why the timing of this capital project is so critical — the Centre of Hope will include housing units for the homeless, a health clinic, food bank and a range of critical social services to be ready just at the time when they will be most needed. You might say that we are racing with the unemployment rate, and the time is finite.

I am convinced that action is the best way to assuage one’s social conscience and that is why I have agreed to serve as Chair of the capital campaign for The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope.

By making a donation to this vitally important project, you too can fulfill your social responsibility by helping instill dignity in your fellow men and women.

Your donation is as crucial to the Centre of Hope project as the Centre itself will be to those who avail of its services. We call on you to be the face of hope.

With every good wish,

Dean Brinton


To become a reality, the Centre of Hope needs the community as much as the community needs it. Whether you donate money or time, what you’re really giving is access to vitally important resources for our most vulnerable citizens.

The below chart illustrates our progress thus far.

Funding Goal: $14,000,000
Success to date:
The Salvation Army $2,275,000
Affordable Housing Initiative $2,500,000
Homelessness Partnership Strategy 2014 $232,475
Homelessness Partnership Strategy 2012 $294,918
St. John’s Rotary Club West $250,000
Provincial Homelessness Fund $200,000
Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (SEED) $10,000
Total: $5,762,393
Remaining: $8,237,601


Donate Now

Charitable #: 107951618 RR0001 


Building the Centre of Hope requires materials, manpower and money, but it also takes altruism, generosity and a desire to instill dignity in one’s fellow men and women. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors who provide each of these desperately needed resources. With their help, we’re building hope.



Dean Brinton, Chair of Capital Campaign


Lieut.- Colonel Eddie Vincent
Divisional Commander Newfoundland & Labrador Division

 Major Rene Loveless

Major Rene Loveless
Secretary for Public Relations and Development
Newfoundland & Labrador Division


Stephen H. White
Major Gifts Officer, Capital Campaign
Public Relations and Development Office
Tel: 709.579.2022 ext. 224 • Cell: 709.765.7828
The Salvation Army
Divisional Headquarters
21 Adams Avenue
St. John’s, NL A1C 4Z1


Without monetary donations from the private and public sectors, the Centre of Hope will not become a reality. Its construction lingers on the generosity of community members. However, by helping increase awareness of the Faces of Hope campaign, you also make a crucial and lasting contribution to this vital campaign. Use any of the social media channels below to share our message of hope, so that others too can be the face of hope.